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A wonderful experience
bulls cruisers testimonialsWow, what a wonderful trip. We stayed at Duck Arm the 1st night on the swing mooring, amongst the birds, dogs and fish! The sunset was just perfect and very red. The next day we just relaxed and toured around up toward Lake Victoria and nearly got to Lock Sport, but decided to turn around and head back toward the Bulls jetty as we wanted to ensure we would be back before dark to be ready to pick up Jas, Jo and William, who were coming up from Melbourne after the football. We made our way down to the stretch of water where Rob told us to fish - just drifting about 50mtrs off the bank and caught everything under the sun! Bream, whiting, crabs, puffer fish, mullett, and a lovely big flathead, most of the others went back in the water. The flathead fillets for breaky the next morning were fantastic. The whole trip was just fantastic. I have been in many boats before, but have not had one we could sleep on. This experience was great and to have others to share it with was a real treat. We will all definetly be back - (soon I hope). Hope to see you soon, Cheers and thanks for a wonderful experience.

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