Q: Do I need a boat licence?

A: No. As our boats are under Transport Safety Victoria Survey you do not require a boat licence however you do require a briefing. Our briefing will cover safety, navigational, operational and a practical session as well as recommendations of places that we would love you to explore. Upon confirmation of your booking you can request a free Gippsland Lakes Bulls Cruiser navigational map to be posted to you. You can also use our website to start planning your trip. This will allow you time to familiarise yourself with our lakes system and some destinations that you may wish to travel to.

Q: Is a boating holiday safe for children?

A: Children under 10 years of age are required to wear PFD Type 1 life jackets whilst outside the cabin house at all times. Bulls Cruisers will fit and supply children’s lifejackets to all hirers. Some boats are more suitable for children than others so ask our friendly bookings staff to find the best vessel for your family.

Q: Can we tow a tender?

A: Yes you can, provided that the vessel being towed is less than 500kg and less than 6 metres in length. It is important that fenders are used and that operators are cautious of tow ropes and the Bulls propeller.

Q: Is there parking?

A: Yes. Bulls Cruisers parking is for our customers only and is located between our offices and our jetty.

Q: What is the mobile coverage like?

A: Telstra coverage is excellent throughout the Gippsland Lakes region however other phone service providers are not as receptive in some areas.

Q: How long will my water and fuel last?

A: We recommend to our hirers that for all bookings over 4 nights that our cruisers call back to the Bulls jetty for a mid-term maintenance schedule. We will pump your sewerage, fill your fuel and water tank and replenish your consumables and you will be back underway before you know it.

Q: Can I use normal household appliances on the boat?

A: It all depends on what type of bot you have booked. If you have hired a vessel with 12 volt power supply then the appliances on board will be gas and low voltage electrical. You will have a 12volt socket for items such as a phone charger. Please note that fridges and items that draw a lot of power will not be suitable despite any 12 volt connections. To maintain good power supply we recommend 3 hours engine running per day. If your vessel has 240 volt power this means that a generator will supply this power. Most electrical appliances can be used on board.

Q: Is fuel included?

A: Fuel is additional to your charter fee. Fuel is charged on consumption and upon arriving back at the Bulls Cruisers jetty we will refill the fuel tank and charge at the current fuel price. Naturally it will depend on how big the vessel is and how far you have travelled. Fuel is generally between $20 and $50 per day depending on the above variables.

Q: Can I charge my mobile phone on board?

A: Yes, All boats have a 12 volt cigarette socket (as in a car). So if you have a car charger you can charge your phone.

Q: Do we allow pets?

A: No. Due to National Park laws and Health and safety reasons we do not allow pets aboard.

Q: Can we eat out at restaurants while we are cruising the lakes?

A: Yes, there are some fabulous eateries and restaurants in Metung, Paynesville and Loch Sport with moorings available directly out the front. We will be happy to recommend some great eateries, with some restaurants offering discounts to Bulls Cruisers customers.

Q: Can we drive the boat at night?

A: No. The Transport Safety Victoria survey that all of our vessels are under prohibit travel on any hires drive boat at night. We request that all boats are anchored by 4:30 pm.

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